Five Design Ideas For Your New Kitchen


Five Design Ideas For Your New Kitchen

A kitchen renovation is an important project because you are upgrading the heart of your house. You want to create a room you enjoy using every day. However, it is important to determine your goals before you hire a kitchen renovation Baltimore MD company. To help you get started, here are five design ideas to consider for your new kitchen.

Add A Kitchen Island

If you are looking to add more function to your kitchen, opt for a kitchen island. Your kitchen island can be used for more than just preparing and serving meals. A few stools turn your island into additional seating for family or guests. The cabinets or drawers on your island are great for creating additional storage.

Upgrade The Appliances

A renovation is a perfect time to upgrade your kitchen appliances. You can finally upgrade to a refrigerator with a water dispenser, or maybe you want to upgrade to a water-saving dishwasher. Your contractor can help you find and install your new appliances.

Pops of Color

Use your cabinets and flooring to add pops of color to your kitchen. A floor with a blue and white pattern looks great with your blue cabinets and white counters. You can add pops of color with any pattern and scheme, but you should work with a designer to ensure you are not creating an eyesore in your kitchen.

The Unfinished Look

There is something about exposed brick walls that create a casual atmosphere in your kitchen. The bricks can be painted to match the rest of your interior, but you do not want to have them covered or refinished. The idea is to let the architectural elements make a statement in your kitchen.

Checkered Flooring

If you are renovating an all-white kitchen, give it a fun look with checkered flooring. Your options may include red and white, blue and white or the traditional black and white. You can add a little more pizzazz to your kitchen by painting your door in a contrasting color.

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